More than 22,000 different items are included in our product range of locking parts, wire forms and precision punched parts. 

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"The Hugo Benzing company has been a pioneer in the development of precision shaft retainers."

From axially mounted retaining rings, various assembly tools or Quicklocks right up to complex shaped components, there are virtually no metal parts that Hugo Benzing does not, or could not, produce.

We are experts in various manufacturing technologies, such as bending, punching, turning, milling


> Standard parts

As a specialist for standardized and standard parts, over the last few decades we have consistently developed and expanded our product range.

Locking parts are supplied in a wide variety of different types of materials and surface designs, which represents approx. 22,000 different items, taking into account the functional types and corresponding sizes.

In order to facilitate selection of the most advantageous design element, standard types, including brief information, are summarized in an overview table.

If you are not sure which product meets your requirements, we will be happy to advise you.

Our standard products can be found here: Standard parts


> Special parts

A very special component of our product range is the customer-specific design solutions.

Whether modular plate, assembling aid or flat spring. Custom designs are not a problem for us.

Details can be found here: Special parts


> Systems / Assemblies

From reliable wire bent parts right up to complex designed systems. The combination of different manufacturing and mounting processes enables us to even produce systems or assemblies.

Get a short overview of our production expertise in the tab: System / Assemblies